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5 Tips to Write a Killer About Us Page

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Your About Us page is an important section of your website. It tells your readers who you are as an organization and as a brand. It is where you talk about your history, your values, your achievements, your goals and your personality.

A good About Us page should be straightforward, simple and must cite the key things about your company. It is the most-visited page of your site, so it must be compelling enough to persuade your visitors to work with you instead of your competitors.

Address the needs of your customers first.

You can start off by talking about a common problem of your audience. Acknowledge the pain points and provide solutions. Explain how this problem motivated you to offer your services.  Your customers want to know about you, but they are more interested in how they can potentially benefit from your business.

Tell your story without being boring.

When you talk about how you started as a company, you would want to do it in a captivating way. Your visitors don’t need long generic corporate sentences. Instead, they will most probably want to hear about what inspired you to pursue your business and why you are passionate about what you do.

Note your achievements.

It is important to inform your visitors about your milestones, but be sure not to brag. Toot your own horn using facts. Talk about your experience and your capabilities. Explain why you’re qualified to offer the products or services you sell.

Use CTAs.

At the bottom of the page, be sure to use call-to-action links or buttons to encourage your visitors to take the next step. You can direct them to a free downloadable resource or a contact form. Don’t leave them hanging or else, they will wander off.

Update your About Us page whenever necessary.

Your About Us page is similar to your portfolio. It should be a work in progress. Make sure to update it whenever you acquire major clients, expand your services, add new skills or open new locations. Both new and repeat customers will be delighted to hear about your latest achievements.

When writing your About Us page, take it as an opportunity to build a relationship with your customers. Earn the trust of prospects by communicating that you take their best interests at heart.


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Choosing The Right SEO Provider For Your Business

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Whether you’re a start-up business or a company that’s already established in the market, you still need a strong online presence to continuously turn in revenues and maintain stability. There is no doubt that having internet visibility is no longer considered “optional.” In fact, it is regarded as a necessity in this competitive, technologically influenced global marketplace. Therefore, having a website built for your promising business is not the end of the road. You should also make sure that you’re seen on the top pages of Google [or any other search engine for that matter] whenever customers search related keywords.

So How To Find The Right SEO provider?

1. Do your homework.

Nothing beats knowing whatever it is that you’re getting yourself into. Before going out there and making a deal with people you do not know, you should have an idea of what SEO or Search Engine Optimization is. Ask your friends, browse the internet or consult SEO savvy acquaintances. That way, you won’t feel awkward or insecure when someone fires away SEO jargons. Also note that it’s best to ask for referrals, references or feedback from trusted friends and colleagues. If you don’t know anyone who can help, depend on the internet, trust your instinct and create a pool of nominees to interview.

2. Perform a background check.

Once you already have a selection of potential SEO providers, perform a simple [or extensive] background check on them. Browse their websites, view their portfolios, learn the services they provide and also get a look on their team. Do they have seasoned professionals? Do they have a physical office that you can visit? What about customer feedback or testimonials?

3. Establish communication with your candidates.

Contact your prospects over the phone, via e-mail, chat, video conference or if it’s possible, visit their office. Lay down your cards and be honest with whatever goals you have in mind. Do you want to drive more traffic, expand your network, increase your revenues or go global?  Let them know about the issues that you’re experiencing with your site or business. That way, they can suggest appropriate SEO solutions. Remember, there isn’t just one SEO strategy that will work across all businesses.

4. Compare proposals.

The reason why you need to compare the services or solutions they offer is for you to get a feel of how they work. Are they detailed and result-oriented? How are they going to solve your current website issues? Are their rates reasonable?

5. Gauge and choose. 

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There’s one thing you should know about SEO: it is a continuous investment. Search engines [especially Google] have changing algorithms and companies compete for the top ranks every day. That means you have to perform SEO tasks consistently to be able to maintain your website position. Ask yourself, “How much am I willing to spend for SEO?” “Will I be able to commit financially over a specific period of time?” “How much intervention will the SEO provider need from me?” “Which of the candidate providers will I be able to work harmoniously with?”