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How to Create Your Own Infographics

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how to create infographicsAre you using Infographics in your content marketing campaigns yet?

Infographics are a great way to capture people’s attention and often compel people to share them on their social media sites. So if you want more likes, tweets and readers of your content, this post is for you. We are going to introduce you to the resources you need to learn how to create your own infographics.

First, if you’re not familiar with what infographics are, basically they’re a way to communicate information – even dry, boring facts – in an interesting way by incorporating visual elements. You could create an infographic to communicate relevant information to your prospects – information that could help them to make the decision to use your product or service. And a good infographic can even go viral of course, appearing on numerous sites and tweeted about hundreds of times.

Check out these websites for infographic examples:







So how do you create your own infographics?

You could of course simply hire someone to do it for you, or you can try doing it yourself.

Even the marketer with a limited budget can benefit from the infographic creating resources below, all of which are free or very low cost.

Infographic Software:

Canva – There is no charge to use Canva and it might be the best software out there for creating Inforgraphics in our opinion. And it’s also great for designing every type of social media post, as it does the sizing for you.

Inkscape – Vector graphic software is simple and intuitive.

Gapminder – Current data on major world issues with impressive visualizations – good one to practice on since the data is already there.

Tableau – Windows only software for creating visualizations. Another good one to practice with.

Wordle – Like playing with words? You’ll love this; create word visualizations using the text you enter. Lost of designs to choose from.

Tagxed – Word clouds with “styles”

Creately – 100’s of features for diagramming, one click styling and even team collaboration.

StatPlanet – Create fully customizable, feature rich interactive maps & graphs and publish them online. The award-winning StatPlanet is a free download.

Hohli – Is an easy to use online chart maker. Just pick your chart type, add your data, play with the colors and sizes and you’ll be surprised at how good your chart looks.

Tutorials on Infographic Creation:

How to Create Amazing Infographics by Canva

Anatomy of an Infographic – 5 Steps to Create a Powerful Visual

We’d  love to see your infographic examples and even share them in an upcoming blog post!

The Social Salesperson’s Kick Start Guide to Using YouTube – 10 Tips

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youtube-video-marketing (1)What is one of the fastest ways to differentiate yourself online? Video.

With such a massive audience, marketing with YouTube had proved successful for sales leaders across the globe.

Videos are dynamic, easy to understand and well liked by a broad variety of people. You can create content in many different formats, such as how-to, informative and entertaining videos.

YouTube enables you to open an excellent window of communication with your audience as video content can be incredibly engaging and much more interesting than static text.

Here are 10 Tips for YouTube Marketing to get you started: 

Tip #1: Keep your video short.

People generally have small attention spans and the percentage of viewers that are going to stick around for your big finale – and link information – after 10 minutes is pretty slim. Try and keep your information brief and too the point. Use your YouTube channel as a method of enticing viewers to view your other content, and give them more information when they get to that point.

Tip #2: Spread the word.

Having a consistent level of communication between your YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts will do wonders for your flow of traffic. As soon as you’ve produced a new video, get it out there and let everyone in your network know about it. Your videos should be featured on your LinkedIn profile, Your Facebook page, and in your Twitter posts.

Tip #3: Focus on SEO.

You want it to be easy for your customer prospects to find you in YouTube and Google search. Add captions, tag your content, add a succinct description, think hard about your title and make sure your video file name is relevant, (best-air-filter-reviews as opposed to 10-10-13) … these are all great methods of making sure your content gets viewed.

Tip #4: Make it Mobile.

Don’t forget about your mobile audience. A growing number of people are using their phones to access YouTube and watch videos. Bear that in mind when you’re including text – it has to be easily viewable in a small screen.

Tip #5:  Be Unique.

Do something different. Never has ‘thinking outside of the box’ been so important. You’re up against a lot of competition and the more you stand out, the better.

Tip #6: Think about Audio.

You want to make sure your audience is engaged… but not overwhelmed. If you have spoken audio, it’s good to include intro and outro music to the video. YouTube has some fantastic options to choose from.

Tip #7: Prepare.

Prepare your videos. Use as better quality video and audio equipment as you can. Keep shaky camera movements to a minimum and plan the video before you shoot it – think about writing a script and practice first!

Tip #8: Link.

Make sure you take good advantage of the fact that someone is viewing your content – give them a link to the rest of your content and make it easily accessible.

Tip #9: Watermark your content.

Keep your information secure and not easily reproduced by others by adding a watermark to your video. Just make sure it’s not too overpowering to distract from your content.

Tip #10: Go beyond YouTube.

Once you’ve created your video content there are plenty of other video sharing sites online where you can post it and increase your audience.

So, what’s stopping you?

For many people, it’s just a matter of taking the first small steps to break through your hesitance and fear of what’s involved.

This is easy, cheap, effective marketing that can reap huge results for your sales efforts. People aren’t looking for glitzy, slick videos on YouTube. You can quickly put together a 3 minute screencast or “Top Tips” video and have it up on YouTube in minutes.

And you don’t need a professional video camera either. Your smartphone is your best marketing tool.

Just getting started?

ebook-youtube-2To help you further, I’ve created this FREE 43-page guide titled The Social Salesperson’s Kick Start Guide to YouTube, you’re going to go through each of the basic steps of getting started on YouTube……right from the first step of setting up an account. I want to make sure you learn how to upload one and do some basic editing. Editing that you can do inside of YouTube using their simple features – that most people are NOT using yet!

This will differentiate yourself from most sales professionals.

Plus…I’ll give you some great marketing tips as well. And the most important thing is how to show up in search results. It’s in the guide.

Get it here.


Guide to YouTube

5 Tips For Choosing the Right Inbound Marketing Agency

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It’s been the hot new buzzword for marketing your business online: Inbound Marketing.

If you’re looking for an inbound marketing agency that will help you generate more revenue for your business, you might want to know what to look for first. It’s about making a good decision for your business. (And no, our company is a not a good decision for every business either.)

There are now a lot of inbound marketing agencies out there but only a few will meet the specific needs of your company.

The ever-changing world of online marketing is becoming more and more complex. As inbound marketing becomes more popular, and as more people recognize its benefits, choosing the right company from a vast multitude of service providers may feel challenging.

We think these 5 tips can help you choose the right inbound marketing agency for your business:

Do your homework.

Make sure you do your homework and research about your agency’s background. Do they have an impressive reputation? Do their former and current clients rave about their services?  What’s the prospective agency’s core competency? SEO? Social Media? Email Marketing? Answers to these key questions could guide you in determining whether a candidate agency is a good fit.

Browse through their portfolio.

Experience matters. You wouldn’t want to work with a marketing team who has not yet proven their expertise. Don’t hesitate to check your prospective agency’s portfolio to find out whether their past projects are similar to the one you want executed for your business. You might also want to note the length of time they’ve worked with most of their clients – have they had long-term partnerships with their previous clients? It is important to know this because it simply shows how much they value their working relationships with their clients.

Meet the team.

When searching for an agency, you are also beginning a relationship with its members.  You will be investing a lot of time together when developing and applying marketing techniques. You are also providing them the opportunity to provide suggestions that will form your company’s upcoming achievements. This is why it is crucial to get to know the team to make sure you will be working with people you trust.

See if they practice what they preach.

Find out if they are also doing what they’re recommending you to do. It’s hard to take marketing advice from someone who does not set a good example to their clients. If they recommend for you to consistently post on social media, then they must do it on their own social media accounts as well. For example, if they are going to help you with SEO, ask what keywords they can show you that their own agency shows up for.

Consider the price.

Everyone has a budget, however you have to know that cheap labor does not always translate to good-quality work. Never settle into an average quality of service just because of the price. Look for an agency that values your money by consistently producing great work for your company.

Hiring an inbound marketing agency may take up a lot of your time and effort, but by probing potential partners with the right questions and by closely taking your business’ needs into consideration, there is a greater chance for you to make the right decision.



Email Marketing Best Practices – 4 Ways To Dramatically Boost Response Rates

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Email Marketing Best Practices

Are your emails 80% content to 20% promotion?

Email marketing is one of the most powerful 21st century marketing techniques available to any business looking to increase profits and gain a greater share of their marketplace. Unfortunately, very few businesses utilize email marketing to anywhere near its full capabilities and, as a result, massive amounts of profit are left on the table, completely unclaimed. To the savvy business owner, who is willing to learn and implement the most successful email marketing best practices, this represents a lucrative opportunity to move ahead of competitors and dramatically increase revenue and profits.

To help you achieve this we have, in this revealing fact-filled article, put together some of the most effective email marketing best practices that you can start implementing right now to grow your business and move ahead of your competition.

Tip #1 – Use The Correct Ratio Of “Promotion” Versus “Content” In Your Emails

It is sorely tempting, when designing your email marketing strategy, to send as many promotional messages as possible to your list of subscribers. After all, the more times they see your marketing messages the more likely they are to buy, right? Wrong! If you only send promotional messages then you will get a high level of unsubscribes per email sent and your remaining subscribers will view you as a “salesman” rather than a trusted friend.

An ideal ratio to aim for is 80% content to 20% promotion. This means that, with 80% of your emails, you are building trust and creating good will with your subscribers. If you do this then, in the other 20% of emails which are promotional, you will see ultra-high conversion rates based on the credibility you have built up.

Tip #2 – Follow A Consistent Email Sending Schedule

Consistency is an extremely important aspect of successful email marketing. You will boost your response rates if you develop a strategy of sending a set number of emails at a set time, consistently, every week like clockwork. That way your subscribers start to expect your emails and look forward to them. Your messages become a consistent “welcome guest” in their email inboxes instead of being an unscheduled interruption. It is also far easier to plan ahead with your writing if you have a clear schedule.

Tip #3 – Split Test Your Subject Lines

There is no more scientific way to improve your response rates than through rigorous split-testing. With email marketing, the easiest way to do this is by split-testing your subject lines. Your autoresponder software will have this feature built-in and you can set up your test in less than 2 minutes. All the top email marketers in the world religiously split-test their email subject lines and so should you.

Tip #4 – Be Interesting And Exciting

Sadly, for most people, their email inbox is a constant reminder of the many mundane and mind-numbingly boring tasks they have to deal with such as paying bills, taxes and other such responsibilities. If you, in that very same space, can bring something exciting and interesting to their lives, then your emails will always be opened and will be keenly read.

The key to being interesting and exciting is to inject personality and infuse excitement into every email you write. Simply put, let the engaging, charismatic and intriguing person that you are shine through in your emails. Do this and you’ll notice your “open” rates will literally skyrocket!

Email Marketing Best Practices Summary

Email marketing is an extremely powerful marketing strategy that is poorly used by most online businesses. As an inbound marketing agency, we’ve witnessed this first hand. If you combine these 4 best practices together then you will see a tremendous boost in your email response rates and, more importantly, your overall profits. Good luck with your email marketing!

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