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The Anatomy of Highly Shareable Content

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I bet you’d agree with the rest of the marketing industry that content is king. In fact, if you have been doing content marketing long enough, you may have witnessed a few startups that have grown into bigger brands just by consistently producing kickass content. So what exactly makes a piece of content so irresistibly shareable? Read on and I’ll tell you.

1. Shareable content tackles relevant issues.

When you create content, be sure to use topics your followers can relate to. You can write a blog about your readers’ common problems and how to resolve them, or podcast about current events. Creating relevant content is a way of showing your audience that you know and understand their issues, which can help you to earn their trust.

2. Shareable content stirs up emotion.

Aim to spark a specific emotion. People generally want to share content they can emotionally connect with. When you make a video about your brand, don’t just simply talk about how amazing your brand is. Instead, tell a story and target a specific emotion among your audience. Will your video spark feelings of happiness and hope? Or will it be about anger? Whichever emotion you choose, keep in mind that the goal is to drive people to share it.

3. Shareable content is valuable to your followers.

People will more likely share your content when it consists of useful information. Write about tips and how-to’s and share your knowledge with your followers. For instance, a craft shop can write an eBook on how to create a beaded bracelet. By doing so, you are helping your readers improve their skills. As a result, they will feel empowered and respect your brand.

4. Shareable content is free of grammatical errors.

Nothing is more annoying than reading a blog that is full of grammatical errors. These mistakes can alter your readers’ understanding of your message – or worse, they might lose respect for your business. To avoid grammatical errors, ask someone else to proofread your work before publishing it.

5. Shareable content conveys clear points.

When your points are not clearly outlined, there’s a big chance that your readers will get the wrong message. Avoid creating content with vague and confusing information. Be clear on what you want to say and use words that are simple to digest.

Top brands are using different clever marketing strategies to make their content go viral, but the points I’ve mentioned are the most common denominators. What was your most shared content so far? Post a link in the comments below – I’d love to see it!

5 Great Reasons to Use Infographics

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Infographics Image source: Markedlines

In this information age, making an immediate impact on your audience is very important. Infographics can make an immediate impact and therefore are very popular in inbound marketing.

Infographics, a short term for “information graphics,” merge data, text and pictures to create a specific message that is more powerful than each component alone. Infographics include a variety of designs such as graphs, charts and pictograms that are visually compelling. When done well, they can relay complex data in a visual format that can potentially go viral.

Here are 5 great reasons to use Infographics:

1. Infographics are easy to understand.

Because of their visual format, they are easier to digest. Complex data is presented in a simpler manner which allows your audience to easily grasp the concept that you are trying to disseminate.

2. Infographics grab attention. 

Millions of pieces of content are uploaded on the web every day. They stand out because they catch the audience’s attention. A truly attractive and powerful infographic also moves people to store it for future use or share it with friends.

3. Infographics enable readers to visualize product benefits.

Companies use them to demonstrate product benefits. Cartoons and 3D images can be used to imitate customer experiences, while different shades and colors can also be utilized to represent items or services. All these help your readers grasp information more quickly.

4. Infographics tap into your readers’ interests.

Many people are oblivious to important facts. Using infographics can get them interested in the message that you communicate and keep them well-informed about your company.

5. Infographics are memorable.

Bright colors, shapes and graphs make them easy to remember. The use of visual presentation is proven effective in communicating towards other people.

Using infographics is really a cool way to share valuable information and interact with your audience. By choosing the right design and colors that align with your topic or brand, people will become more and more engaged with your business.

Here are some recommended online resources so you can start using Infographics for your business or blog today:


10 Tools for Creating Infographics and Visualizations

Piktochart – create infographics without any design knowledge 

How to Create Five Fabulous Infographics in PowerPoint

Slideshare: A Promising Reign In The Content Marketing World

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slideshare E-commerce has changed so dynamically over the previous years that companies like yours have to adapt and adjust accordingly — ASAP. The online competition has grown fiercer as businesses strive to not only increase their ROIs but also to intensify brand awareness through content marketing. The concept entails the use of valuable, catchy and attractive “content” to keep end-users engaged or hooked to your company. Thus, when that goal is reached, a positive end result is anticipated which is the conversion of viewers from being “just leads” to becoming actual customers.

Keeping all that in mind, we now acknowledge Slideshare as one of the leaders in the content marketing world. Undoubtedly, the site is a reputable pool of indispensable content for businesses [for B2B marketing] and leads [for lead generation] such as infographics, reports and presentations among others. In fact, one of the reasons why it’s an essential content marketing tool nowadays is because the views of the documents uploaded and shared via this website can be used in consumption measurement just like Youtube hits and Facebook insights.

Slideshare is also a great platform to engage the easily bored and distracted lead population because the content found onsite makes use of short and visually stimulating materials. In other words, say goodbye to long paragraphs and dull images.

And for you to better understand why the famed website is a content marketing giant, here’s an infographic created by the collaborative minds of Column Five and Slideshare.

slideshare and content marketing infographic

10 Basic Blogging Tips For Startups

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What is blogging and why is it important for your business?

blogging tips

Blogging is central to your content marketing strategy.

It’s a pretty weird question for people who have read so many “blog posts” and met a variety of “bloggers,” both professional and amateur, over the previous years. Blogging is so common nowadays that we’re continuously introduced to web logs of different kinds: personal, travel, food, parenting, political and so on and so forth. But this time, we’ll focus on business blogs, what they are and how they can influence the growth of your business.

So first things, first. What is a blog? It’s an online publishing hub of valuable information, shared by an individual or a group of people, documented in a reverse chronological order. These posts or write-ups have a diary-type appeal and also allow internet users to comment or share the information through re-blogging or via social media. That’s a formal definition.

In short, it’s a hub where you can build an online community by sharing short articles that others find interesting and/or valuable.

And how will Blogging impact your business?

1. The first point to consider is that a business blog is a great source of organic traffic. Think SEO.

 2. Having your own blog gives you and your company a chance to be heard. Certainly, there aren’t a lot of things that you can share using Twitter’s measly 140 characters or with your Facebook page’s limited number of fans only.

3. Since your blog site will be indexed by Google and all the other search engines, you’re given a means to target a specific audience. And you’ll do so by incorporating relevant keyword phrases into your blog posts.

4. Blogging is very important when it comes to building your brand. It will represent you and your business to the online community, help you build trust among your customers and also aid you in reaching out to other businesses. It often is a first impression of your business.

Quick bloggingtips:

blogging tips1. Invest in your blog. We’re not just talking about investing in your domain, your hosting and all the other technical stuff. Invest your time in writing and publishing posts regularly. Consistency is key.

2. Be yourself. Some would say it’s the lamest advice they hear online. But seriously, why pretend to be a different person or business? Be transparent and authentic in a way that your customers will appreciate your online presence.

3. Assign the right person. If you’re thinking about hiring a writer or giving another employee the responsibility of creating posts for your blog, make sure that he or she is in the right position (or mindset) based on credentials, attitude and personality. If he/she doesn’t represent your brand with the highest regard, why give him/her the ticket to your company’s destruction?

4. Content is king. Yes, it is cliché. But hey, it has a point. Publish content of high value based on topics related to your business and the solutions to your customer’s problems. You may also write about promotions, events, company updates and entertaining work experiences.

5. SEO it! Your strategy doesn’t have to be complicated for SEO to work on your blog site (and primary website). Keep it simple yet consistent. Some additional great blog resources that simply SEO are SEOMOZ and Search Engine Land. Check them out. We also recommend using Yoast for WordPress to boost your blog SEO.

6. Make use of multimedia. One way to keep readers engaged is by using photos, videos, slideshows and other multi-media that will make your posts more visually appealing, entertaining or interesting. This is why sites such as Instagram, YouTube, and Slideshare have become so effective in helping businesses. Use them.

7. Interact and engage with your users. Never ever fail to respond to reader comments, complaints, and questions. Being a snob is bad for business.

8. Invite guest bloggers. Having your own blog doesn’t mean that it’s supposedly for you and about you only. Feature people, colleagues and also invite writers once in a while to maintain positive connections.

social media share buttons

Social media share buttons make it easy for others to share your post.

9. Link back. When you’ve used another company’s material (say an infographic, photo or article), do not forget to acknowledge them and create a link back to their site.

10. Be social! Notify the world about your new post! Tweet, post links on your Facebook page, update on LinkedIn and incorporate share buttons on your blog post for fast and easy sharing!

There! Blogging made easy by Big Fly Marketing!


Content Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses

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Small business owners don’t want to be tasked with coming up with content marketing strategy ideas that may attract new customers to their business. They have enough to do already.

In a world where a small business owner doesn’t have a large marketing budget, it’s not easy to wrap your mind around what works in social media and content marketing strategy – giving value first, giving more value second, and then promoting third.

The best type of content to share will be guided by the type of business you are and the type of customers you are targeting.

PRWeb has created an idea sparking content marketing matrix Infographic which can help you in creating a content plan around for your business.

content marketing for small businesses