8 Instagram Marketing Tools

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Are you are using Instagram to empower your business with photos and videos?  If so, then you know the challenge to manage your Instagram marketing strategy on mobile. Here’s an introduction to some online Instagram marketing tools that will allow you to do more with Instagram.

These are tools that will help you build your Instagram followers and engagement with your audience. These tools also help you measure your success with Instagram.

Collecto1. Collecto:

Followgram has changed into Collecto. You can extend your Instagram account’s functionality with Collecto. Collecto allows you to have an elegant web interface that manages your presence on Instagram. The stats section synchronizes your data and provides you with an overview about your account activity. You can include RSS feed, follow button, WordPress widget and QR code to your public profile.

Collecto enhances your browsing features and provides geo based recommendations, so you can connect with your audience on Instagram and build your local communities. Collecto also provides paid plans to extend your reach on Instagram.

You can choose plans according to your business. You can include custom background and custom cover photo on your public Instagram account. You can also send private messages to your followers.

2. Iconosquare:

IconosquareIconosquare is a user friendly web interface to manage your Instagram account which is also known as Statigram. You can include add-ons to your Instagram account.

The best thing about Iconosquare is its statistics features. It provides you the information on how you can optimize your Instagram account to get the most engagement. You can monitor your growth, check your account history monthly or weekly, and find most engaged followers with community insights. Magnifying icon helps you find the followers who don’t follow you back.

With Instagram feed tab, you can inform your other social media communities that you are on Instagram. You can interact with your followers by liking, commenting and sharing posts on social media. You can also set up image and video contests and promote them to increase your brand awareness and engagement. If you are searching for effective and scalable Instagram strategy, you should go for Iconosquare.

INK3613. INK361:

Ink361 is a free web interface that allows you to view your Instagram feed on desktop means .Images will be displayed much bigger than mobile. Ink361 helps you to create custom albums and share those custom albums photos with non-Instagram users. You can allow your visitors to share your visuals on social media platform.

The unique feature of ink361 is that it allows you to redesign your real images and convert them into highly attractive and appreciable pieces of art. It ensures that your clicks will receive their due worth.

You can look for new friends and follow them based on your interests. You can organize your campaign by sorting people who are following you and set alert for new posts. Ink361 gives you a clear overview about your Instagram statistics and keeps track of your social media impact.

4. Totem Analytics:

Totem AnalyticsTotem Analytics was previously known as Nitrogram. Totem is one of the first analytics platforms designed to focus and boost your business’ online presence on Instagram. Totem uses two platforms- totem analytics and totem connect to increase your presence on Instagram.

Totem analytics tool helps you get real time metrics on your posts, monitor competitors’ growth and benchmark your own performance. It also tracks your account and hashtags to measure the presence. Totem connect will help you to reach your targeted audiences on Instagram.

Totem analytics helps you to improve your performance by breaking up your followers according to their location and other demographics, by hashtag monitoring of your contests and engagements statistics and trends.

5. Curalate:

CuralateCuralate is one of the best analyzing tools for visual website content to monitor and measure your brands’ performance on Instagram. It will help you introduce your business story via images and videos to increase your audience engagement, brand reputation and build relationships with your potential customers. It also tracks your traffic and Return on investment.

Curalate helps you interact with your community, intensify your followers and keeps a close eye on your competitors. Its consumer insight helps you recognize what your customer expects from you.

Curalate recently launched like2buy for Instagram to create a shoppable Instagram account with any work within a minute. Like2buy is designed to drive more traffic to your product pages, no matter which devices your audience chooses to shop with – mobile, tablet or desktop. You can also use it for Pinterest marketing as well.

simply measured6. SimplyMeasured:

SimplyMeasured is a paid tool which helps you produce free detailed reports for your Instagram campaign and you can either download the excel analytics or export it to PowerPoint. This free report tells you which images are working for your Instagram campaign, which location is most engaging and which day and time are best for posting images.

SimplyMeasured also provides social, professional and enterprise paid plans. You can also upgrade your plans according to your needs. Professional and enterprise paid plan includes web analytics reports, Facebook page report and advertising analytics.

Simplymeasured gets a detailed overview about your brand’s performance and finds which things are generating more traffic for your business. It analyzes your audience, content and also allows you to know your competitors to create a better campaign with visuals.

Check out their blog – it’s one of the most informative digital marketing blogs you can follow. Lots of tips and great resources.

7. Piqora:


Piqora is a great tool for Instagram social media engagement. It is a paid Instagram tool that also provides a free demo. It analyzes your Instagram account and tells analytics about when you should post, contest tracking, how to manage your post and account on desktop.

It examines your competitor accounts so you can easily compare your metrics, images and content and improve your strategy for more return. Another unique feature of Piqora is hashtag tracking that enables you to analyze your hashtag campaign to reach more potential customers in your niche market.

You can use virality metrics to predict which user has more potential to buy to increase your brand awareness and engagement. You can increase your conversions by using user generated Instagram images on your website and increase your brand value.

8. Websta:

Websta is formerly known as Webstagram. Websta board helps you organize


your Instagram posts into different groups. With Websta web viewer you can browse popular images, hashtags and users. You can like, share and comment on photos, follow and unfollow your audience. You can directly send private messages to your audience members who are on Instagram.

You can use the Follow Me Button that will be displayed on your blog and website; the RSS feed to get updates; the search tool to find photos, users and hashtags; the repost this option to share images on social media platform; and statistics to analyze your account with some interesting data and stats about your Instagram account.


If Instagram makes since for your business, you have a lot of choices. We know you won’t use all of these, but we encourage you to explore these tools and find the one(s) that best suits you and your business.

Did you notice that one of your favorite tools isn’t on this list? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below!


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12 Instagram Marketing Tools

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Looking to get the most out of Instagram? Well you are in luck. There are many apps and online tools that can be used in conjunction with Instagram. Below is a list of 25 tools that will help you get more out of your Instagram experience.

Online Tools That Help You Get The Most Out of Instagram

Statigram – This tool is great for engaging your community with contests, tracking your stats, and managing comments.

Igertools – Easy to use tool that allows you to quickly follow your followers back, unfollow those that do not follow you, and easily find new comments.

GramFeed – Is like a newsfeed to view your photos. You can also view your followers photos, like photos, post comments and more. It is an easy tool to use.

Cool Apps You Can Use From Your Smartphone:

Instafollow – This is an app tracker you can download that shows you who followed/unfollowed you, who you didn’t follow back, and who didn’t follow you back. The price to download is .99.

Instatag – This app allows you get more likes and follows by giving you easy tagging options. Using the right hashtags is very important. The app costs .99.

InstaCommentor – This app helps you know exactly what comments were replied to and which ones weren’t. Very important for networking and connecting with others.  Download the app for .99.

InstaRepost – This app allows you to repost photos you like. It works similar to retweets on Twitter. You can also customize your reposts. It also allows you to search for new photos and find interesting people. This app is free (there is a paid pro version as well). There is a free and paid version.

Textgram – Create texts and share them on Instagram. It is now very easy to quick to text or draw on your photo or without a photo. Download the app for .99.

Over – This is a fun app that allows you to add beautiful text overlays to any of your photos. It comes with images and fonts so you can easily add text or artwork to your photos. Download the app for $1.99.

Superimpose – You don’t need any expensive software to superimpose any more. You can change out backgrounds, foregrounds, mask out parts of the photo, change the size, color and more. The app costs .99.

And lastly if you wanted to turn your Instagram photos into magnets you can with StickyGram. Or if you want you can print out your Instagram photos you can with Copygram.

What are some of the tools you’ve found valuable to use with Instagram? Please share your comments below and download our free guide “How to Grow Your Brand with Instagram”.



8 Instagram Strategies for Sales Professionals

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Men on street photographing with smart-phoneThere’s a good chance you are one of the 150 Million people who are actively using Instagram each month.  If you aren’t, you might want to reconsider.

More importantly, there is a good chance your customers and prospects are also using Instagram. It’s yet another opportunity to get in front of them, connect with them and engage with them online.

It’s become so easy for your customer to Google you, or find you on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.

The only thing worse than not being active on these sites, is being on them badly.

Here are 8 simple Instagram strategies for sales professionals:

1. Repurpose your marketing and advertising content.

It’s cost-effective and provides another outlet for sharing campaigns around your products/services, your events, and your customer experiences. Remember to add your links in the descriptions and tag your location.

2.  Answer your customer’s questions.

Let your audience know you’re available for engagement by sending the right signals. Use photos and video captions to ask questions that encourage comments and feedback. Answer your customer’s most pressing questions by posting 15-second videos to your Instagram account.

3. It’s ok to mix personal with professional content.

In the past there has been a line drawn between being personal or professional online. That line is now blurred because of social media sites like Instagram. And because of this, more than ever you have the opportunity to be and express your own brand. Adding personal photos allows your customers and prospects a chance to get to know you more intimately, more genuinely. Just use common sense and post sensibly.

4.  Use Hashtags that lead people to you.

If you want others to find you, become familiar with some of the popular hashtags and use those that can naturally work with the content you are sharing. There are a lot of hashtags that are popular by city, so be sure to find the one’s that make the most sense to you. For content creation, create a specific hashtag unique to you and your business.  Once you have your hashtag identified, encourage your customers to caption their photos featuring your business with it, using your hashtag. Remember to talk about it so that your customers know they can use it.

5. Run a photo contest.

Contests are big on Social Media, and photo contests are becoming increasingly popular on Instagram. Steps include 1) determine the theme and hashtag it, 2) set the rules (legal and otherwise), 3) spread the word using your other social media accounts, 4) choose how you’ll determine a winner (user votes, jury, etc.), and 5) give away a prize worth participating for.

6. Link your Instagram feed to Twitter and Facebook

Sharing posts to these networks can help drive traffic to your Instagram page by letting your audience know you are now active on this channel.

7. Leverage Call-To-Actions on your blog posts, articles, and newsletters.

Use specific CTAs in email marketing campaigns that drive to your Instagram. When you publish blog posts, eBooks or other marketing content, reference Instagram posts (where relevant) to expose your page as much as possible.

8. Measure.

Instagram analytics reports are available for free or a small fee.  Then you can understand the performance of your Instagram account, compare your efforts on Instagram against those on other social networks and measure the reach and volume of any hashtag campaign. Check out Statigr.amSumallSimply Measured, and

While I’ve written before about great tools for marketing on Instagram, I hope you’ll use one ore more of these strategies to connect and engage with your potential customers from today forward.

What else has worked for you? Please share your comments below.

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7 Tips for Using Instagram for Business

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instagram1Instagram is growing fast – no, at warp speed! Are you using Instagram for business yet?

With over 100 million active users per month, it’s proving to be a terrific platform for businesses aiming to reach a wider audience. What makes the mobile app a huge hit is that it’s free and users can share real-life experiences using photos with cool filters.

We think these 7 tips can help you as you consider using Instagram for business:

1. Share visually compelling photos on a regular basis.

Just like any other social network, sharing your thoughts or real-life moments is a great way to initiate interaction. Make it a daily habit but make sure not to over-share. If you share way too many photos, you might populate the live feed of your followers and they may be tempted to tap that “unfollow” button.

2. Let your fans in on a “sneak peek”.

Perhaps you’re working on some interesting project? Allow your followers to see what’s happening behind the scenes. Your followers will surely feel like they’re part of the team and they will most likely create some buzz about it.

3. Post creative photos.

Instagram’s filters are great but sometimes, photos can still be enhanced by using other mobile photo-editing apps. Do not settle with posting just a semi-beautiful photo. Make sure every image you post captivates your audience and earn their likes. Some creative photo editing apps to check out are Be Funky, Snapseed, and Aviary.

4. Go out of your way to like or comment on other users’ photos.

Social networking, like every other relationship, has to be a two-way street. Do not keep your followers liking and commenting on your photos without returning the favor. Nurture the relationship you share by constantly showing appreciation of their posts. However, you have to be careful not to like “all” of the photos you see on your feed. When people notice you liking almost every photo of other users, your stamp of approval loses value and followers may wander off.

5. Use hashtags.

As what we’ve mentioned in our previous post, Instagram is one of the social networks that is incorporating hashtags into their platform. They are used to sort photos into albums. Using hashtags is a great way to reach out to people who have similar interests as you do.

6. Get your followers involved.

People love to participate in exciting social media activities. You can hold themed photo-sharing events or run a photo trivia or a contest. You can give out a prize or an exclusive offer to the winner. Always find ways, such as asking great questions, to keep your followers engaged with your brand.

7. Share photos that display your company values.

At the end of the day, the people behind your business are talented people who have great values. Tell your followers about these values by capturing priceless moments about the synergy you share within your team. You would want your followers to love not only your products or services, but also the amazing team who puts everything together for them.

Instagram should also be about having fun. People easily notice when you’re having fun and it’s very contagious! So if you’re thinking of branching out your marketing strategies on Instagram or are already doing so, apply these tips and you’re on your way to Instagram success.

How are you using Instagram for your business? I welcome your thoughts and comments!