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The Importance of Autoresponders in an Inbound Marketing Campaign

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Have you made autoresponders a part of your inbound marketing campaign mix? If not, then you’re missing out on the most important part of your lead nurturing efforts. Autoresponders are also an effective way of bringing in more traffic to a website.

With autoresponders, you can automatically send follow-up emails at scheduled time intervals.

Today, most email marketing software includes scheduling features which allow you to upload and send your email at a specific date and time. This feature makes it very convenient for business owners to communicate to their prospects because autoresponders can be scheduled ahead of time. You don’t have to be in front of a computer just to send it, which means you can attend to other important things in your business.

Autoresponders don’t close.

Unlike your office, these auto emails can operate 24/7. This means that as long as your emails are properly scheduled, work can be done for you all throughout the day. This is great for businesses whose contacts come from other time zones or countries. Considering the different time zones, autoresponders allow you to reach out to your prospects at appropriate times.

Autoresponders help build and reinforce customer relationships.

These days, many people use social media to connect; but there is something intimate about an email which is just hard to ignore. Email marketing is a reliable way of spreading awareness about your brand and getting people to trust you. If you are sending out valuable content to your subscribers, they will eventually notice and like you. Autoresponders let you reach out to your audience in a consistent manner which could help you build worthwhile relationships with them.

Autoresponders help increase revenue.

Because strong relationships and trust are established, there is a great potential for an increase in sales and revenue. Customers can easily respond to your email, making real-time communication about your product or services. This will also make you more likeable and reliable.

94% of people send or read email. It doesn’t matter how old they are, consumers overwhelmingly prefer to receive marketing messages via email and there’s no close second place channel.

The data comes from ExactTarget’s 2012 Channel Preference Survey — the 14th report in the company’s Subscribers, Fans and Followers series.

Do you think autoresponders are useful for small businesses? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Four Tips On Writing Amazing Email Subject Lines

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revenueinbound1What’s the most important part of your email marketing campaign? Your email subject lines. You need to write creative subject lines that are not only aligned to the content of your email, but catchy enough to move your contact to open it. Here are some simple tips on how to write amazing email subject lines:

Keep it short and catchy.

When checking emails, most people quickly skim through their inboxes, moving from one email to the next. If you don’t have a catchy subject line, you could have a problem getting your emails opened. Try to grab your contact’s attention by sounding quirky yet professional at the same time.

Keep it relevant to your topic.

Never compromise accuracy and relevancy for catchiness. If you mislead your readers by writing catchy subject lines that are not related to your email content, they will eventually lose their trust in your company. Show your expertise by sharing valuable content to your readers.

Integrate calls to action.

When you incorporate calls to action in your subject lines, your readers anticipate your offers. Create a sense of urgency and a feeling of excitement as your contacts read your subject line.

Avoid using spammy words.

We are all familiar with emails that contain spammy words like “free” and “limited offer”. These words should be avoided when writing subject lines if you don’t want your email to be filtered as spam. Subject lines that contain these words are immediately deleted because these types of emails are usually only trying to sell something.

Great subject lines are important in email marketing success. You should experiment with different styles to find out which works best for your business.

How about you? What are your best practices?

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5 Tips To Increase Your Email Open Rate

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emailopenrate2To determine the success of an email marketing campaign, you must consider several factors. One of those factors is the open rate which refers to the number of recipients who view or open the email that you have sent out. Getting your recipients to open your email is important because this gives you the opportunity to communicate your message. Your efforts in creating a relevant email will be wasted if people don’t open it. Here are some tips to increase your email open rate:

Keep an organic database.

Assess your subscriber database or contact list. Is it organic? When you have an organic contact list, your emails will most likely be opened because you are dealing with people who have signed up for your content. Subscribing to your emails or newsletters shows that they are interested in getting information from your company.

Get new people to sign up for your emails or newsletters.

Growing your subscriber database through new sign-ups makes a big impact on your email marketing efforts. When you have new subscribers, you are able to disseminate your message to more people. To encourage new people to sign up, offer some valuable content such as an eBook or an informative video.

Write a good subject line.

Subject lines determine whether your emails get opened or not. Interesting subject lines grab your readers’ attention which will lead them to open your email. Remember that no one can appreciate your content if your emails are not opened at all.

Send your email at the appropriate time. 

Determine the best time to send your email. Target markets have different needs.  Conducting some research and tests is highly recommended to figure out the best schedule for sending your email. When you send out your email at a time when your target market is online, there is a bigger chance for them to see your email and read it.

Have a good strategy.

Come up with a good strategy and implement it consistently. You have to identify your objectives and lay out a plan. Once you have rolled out your strategy, you also need to measure its efficiency. Measuring the results of your strategy will help you pinpoint which works and which area needs improvement.

Increasing your email open rate requires several experiments to distinguish which approach works best. By following these guidelines and by being passionate about your campaign, there is no doubt that you will see positive results.

Email Marketing Best Practices – 4 Ways To Dramatically Boost Response Rates

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Email Marketing Best Practices

Are your emails 80% content to 20% promotion?

Email marketing is one of the most powerful 21st century marketing techniques available to any business looking to increase profits and gain a greater share of their marketplace. Unfortunately, very few businesses utilize email marketing to anywhere near its full capabilities and, as a result, massive amounts of profit are left on the table, completely unclaimed. To the savvy business owner, who is willing to learn and implement the most successful email marketing best practices, this represents a lucrative opportunity to move ahead of competitors and dramatically increase revenue and profits.

To help you achieve this we have, in this revealing fact-filled article, put together some of the most effective email marketing best practices that you can start implementing right now to grow your business and move ahead of your competition.

Tip #1 – Use The Correct Ratio Of “Promotion” Versus “Content” In Your Emails

It is sorely tempting, when designing your email marketing strategy, to send as many promotional messages as possible to your list of subscribers. After all, the more times they see your marketing messages the more likely they are to buy, right? Wrong! If you only send promotional messages then you will get a high level of unsubscribes per email sent and your remaining subscribers will view you as a “salesman” rather than a trusted friend.

An ideal ratio to aim for is 80% content to 20% promotion. This means that, with 80% of your emails, you are building trust and creating good will with your subscribers. If you do this then, in the other 20% of emails which are promotional, you will see ultra-high conversion rates based on the credibility you have built up.

Tip #2 – Follow A Consistent Email Sending Schedule

Consistency is an extremely important aspect of successful email marketing. You will boost your response rates if you develop a strategy of sending a set number of emails at a set time, consistently, every week like clockwork. That way your subscribers start to expect your emails and look forward to them. Your messages become a consistent “welcome guest” in their email inboxes instead of being an unscheduled interruption. It is also far easier to plan ahead with your writing if you have a clear schedule.

Tip #3 – Split Test Your Subject Lines

There is no more scientific way to improve your response rates than through rigorous split-testing. With email marketing, the easiest way to do this is by split-testing your subject lines. Your autoresponder software will have this feature built-in and you can set up your test in less than 2 minutes. All the top email marketers in the world religiously split-test their email subject lines and so should you.

Tip #4 – Be Interesting And Exciting

Sadly, for most people, their email inbox is a constant reminder of the many mundane and mind-numbingly boring tasks they have to deal with such as paying bills, taxes and other such responsibilities. If you, in that very same space, can bring something exciting and interesting to their lives, then your emails will always be opened and will be keenly read.

The key to being interesting and exciting is to inject personality and infuse excitement into every email you write. Simply put, let the engaging, charismatic and intriguing person that you are shine through in your emails. Do this and you’ll notice your “open” rates will literally skyrocket!

Email Marketing Best Practices Summary

Email marketing is an extremely powerful marketing strategy that is poorly used by most online businesses. As an inbound marketing agency, we’ve witnessed this first hand. If you combine these 4 best practices together then you will see a tremendous boost in your email response rates and, more importantly, your overall profits. Good luck with your email marketing!

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