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Content Marketing Resource: WPWebinar – An Innovative WordPress Webinar Plugin

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WPWebinarWe’re always asked to recommend the latest and greatest content marketing and inbound marketing resources.

One of the most effective ways to build deeper connections with existing customers is through webinars. You may already have a blog, but connecting with prospects and your current customers online takes the relationship to the next level. You’ll also discover that your social media followers will often come from your webinars, if you’ve added value and put delivering great content ahead of promotion.

Every once in a while an innovative resource is released that’s worth recommending to others.

Created by internet marketer Armand Morin, WPWebinar* is the answer to the question, “Why not create a webinar software built upon WordPress with all the features of the most popular software at an affordable price?”

What if the software would work with most any WordPress theme? It does. This means you are not theme dependent. You can use any theme you want. If you change themes, it doesn’t effect your webinars.

It was ALSO created with several pre-built themes. So, if you don’t have a theme you can choose one of the built in themes.

It also works with any autresponder system.

Check out the videos by clicking below and decide for yourself if WPWebinar is the alternative you’ve been looking for to GotoMeeting/GotoWebinar, Webex, and others.

Content Marketing Resource: WPWebinar – An Innovative WordPress Webinar Plugin

wpwebinar 2

Click here to learn more about WP Webinar, and how it will help you grow your business with Webinars. 


*Please note, we are a compensated affiliate for the Armand Morin Network, and we take our recommendations seriously. We don’t recommend all products, but we do recommend WPWebinar.

7 Tips for Using Instagram for Business

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instagram1Instagram is growing fast – no, at warp speed! Are you using Instagram for business yet?

With over 100 million active users per month, it’s proving to be a terrific platform for businesses aiming to reach a wider audience. What makes the mobile app a huge hit is that it’s free and users can share real-life experiences using photos with cool filters.

We think these 7 tips can help you as you consider using Instagram for business:

1. Share visually compelling photos on a regular basis.

Just like any other social network, sharing your thoughts or real-life moments is a great way to initiate interaction. Make it a daily habit but make sure not to over-share. If you share way too many photos, you might populate the live feed of your followers and they may be tempted to tap that “unfollow” button.

2. Let your fans in on a “sneak peek”.

Perhaps you’re working on some interesting project? Allow your followers to see what’s happening behind the scenes. Your followers will surely feel like they’re part of the team and they will most likely create some buzz about it.

3. Post creative photos.

Instagram’s filters are great but sometimes, photos can still be enhanced by using other mobile photo-editing apps. Do not settle with posting just a semi-beautiful photo. Make sure every image you post captivates your audience and earn their likes. Some creative photo editing apps to check out are Be Funky, Snapseed, and Aviary.

4. Go out of your way to like or comment on other users’ photos.

Social networking, like every other relationship, has to be a two-way street. Do not keep your followers liking and commenting on your photos without returning the favor. Nurture the relationship you share by constantly showing appreciation of their posts. However, you have to be careful not to like “all” of the photos you see on your feed. When people notice you liking almost every photo of other users, your stamp of approval loses value and followers may wander off.

5. Use hashtags.

As what we’ve mentioned in our previous post, Instagram is one of the social networks that is incorporating hashtags into their platform. They are used to sort photos into albums. Using hashtags is a great way to reach out to people who have similar interests as you do.

6. Get your followers involved.

People love to participate in exciting social media activities. You can hold themed photo-sharing events or run a photo trivia or a contest. You can give out a prize or an exclusive offer to the winner. Always find ways, such as asking great questions, to keep your followers engaged with your brand.

7. Share photos that display your company values.

At the end of the day, the people behind your business are talented people who have great values. Tell your followers about these values by capturing priceless moments about the synergy you share within your team. You would want your followers to love not only your products or services, but also the amazing team who puts everything together for them.

Instagram should also be about having fun. People easily notice when you’re having fun and it’s very contagious! So if you’re thinking of branching out your marketing strategies on Instagram or are already doing so, apply these tips and you’re on your way to Instagram success.

How are you using Instagram for your business? I welcome your thoughts and comments!

5 Great Reasons to Use Infographics

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Infographics Image source: Markedlines

In this information age, making an immediate impact on your audience is very important. Infographics can make an immediate impact and therefore are very popular in inbound marketing.

Infographics, a short term for “information graphics,” merge data, text and pictures to create a specific message that is more powerful than each component alone. Infographics include a variety of designs such as graphs, charts and pictograms that are visually compelling. When done well, they can relay complex data in a visual format that can potentially go viral.

Here are 5 great reasons to use Infographics:

1. Infographics are easy to understand.

Because of their visual format, they are easier to digest. Complex data is presented in a simpler manner which allows your audience to easily grasp the concept that you are trying to disseminate.

2. Infographics grab attention. 

Millions of pieces of content are uploaded on the web every day. They stand out because they catch the audience’s attention. A truly attractive and powerful infographic also moves people to store it for future use or share it with friends.

3. Infographics enable readers to visualize product benefits.

Companies use them to demonstrate product benefits. Cartoons and 3D images can be used to imitate customer experiences, while different shades and colors can also be utilized to represent items or services. All these help your readers grasp information more quickly.

4. Infographics tap into your readers’ interests.

Many people are oblivious to important facts. Using infographics can get them interested in the message that you communicate and keep them well-informed about your company.

5. Infographics are memorable.

Bright colors, shapes and graphs make them easy to remember. The use of visual presentation is proven effective in communicating towards other people.

Using infographics is really a cool way to share valuable information and interact with your audience. By choosing the right design and colors that align with your topic or brand, people will become more and more engaged with your business.

Here are some recommended online resources so you can start using Infographics for your business or blog today:


10 Tools for Creating Infographics and Visualizations

Piktochart – create infographics without any design knowledge 

How to Create Five Fabulous Infographics in PowerPoint

Why Valuable Content Matters In Inbound Marketing

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You never want to underestimate trevenueinbound1he importance of valuable content in inbound marketing. Many businesses work to produce valuable content because its benefits lean towards company growth and greater revenue. Here are the top 3 reasons why posting valuable content is essential:

1. Valuable content helps you earn the trust of your audience.

We all know that trust cannot be bought but earned. It takes hard work and countless trials for a business to be considered as a reliable player in its industry. Building a strong online presence involves gaining the trust of the people, and one of the best ways to achieve this is to post good-quality content in a consistent manner. When people find your content valuable, they will see that you have a good understanding of your niche. This also shows that you are interested in helping them address different issues and topics, and that you use your expertise to provide information that they can use.

Anyone can put up a website that promotes its products and services, but providing valuable information shows that you are truly dedicated to giving something back your industry – not everyone can do that.

2. Valuable content attracts more visitors.

When you post valuable content on your website, people tend to share it with people they know. If they find your content very informative, they will want the whole world to know about it. This draws more people to your website and gives them an opportunity to learn about your business. Important sites may also link with your posts, resulting in a higher ranking on search engines.

3. Valuable content helps you convert prospects into actual clients.

With today’s technology, good content can be easily shared. People may use various channels, including social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, to share valuable content for everyone else to see. People who are looking for your products and services can now easily find you, and they will most likely remember you through the content that you’ve put out. Oftentimes, relevant content can be so powerful that it turns your prospective clients into actual customers.

In today’s aggressive markets, valuable content is necessary to establish a strong online presence. When you have mastered the art of producing valuable content for your audience, you can expect your business to see phenomenal results.

Slideshare: A Promising Reign In The Content Marketing World

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slideshare E-commerce has changed so dynamically over the previous years that companies like yours have to adapt and adjust accordingly — ASAP. The online competition has grown fiercer as businesses strive to not only increase their ROIs but also to intensify brand awareness through content marketing. The concept entails the use of valuable, catchy and attractive “content” to keep end-users engaged or hooked to your company. Thus, when that goal is reached, a positive end result is anticipated which is the conversion of viewers from being “just leads” to becoming actual customers.

Keeping all that in mind, we now acknowledge Slideshare as one of the leaders in the content marketing world. Undoubtedly, the site is a reputable pool of indispensable content for businesses [for B2B marketing] and leads [for lead generation] such as infographics, reports and presentations among others. In fact, one of the reasons why it’s an essential content marketing tool nowadays is because the views of the documents uploaded and shared via this website can be used in consumption measurement just like Youtube hits and Facebook insights.

Slideshare is also a great platform to engage the easily bored and distracted lead population because the content found onsite makes use of short and visually stimulating materials. In other words, say goodbye to long paragraphs and dull images.

And for you to better understand why the famed website is a content marketing giant, here’s an infographic created by the collaborative minds of Column Five and Slideshare.

slideshare and content marketing infographic